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Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city has been long known as the "city of gold", despite the fact that majority of its gold is imported from Asia and neighbouring countries. Renting a villa in Dubai gives you a wonderful opportunity to make your holiday extraordinary as this glittering modern city ranks "first" for luxury homes in the world. Dubai is located in a very hot climate, but all our luxurious villas are air conditioned and built to be very beautiful as well as functional. Every villa has an appearance of a magnificent mansion where you can feel like an emir whose life is full of success and triumph. You will enjoy enormous rooms, which are full of light and made in modern Middle-Eastern style. Every large bedroom includes a massive royal bed.

The entire area is a combination of permeating atmosphere of spectacular wealth with hospitality and cosiness of a Middle-Eastern home. Do not miss your chance to visit your favourite resort in the Persian Gulf!

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16 - 16 of 16 Properties