Corfu or as it is known locally Kerkyra is the northernmost Island in the Ionian sea and the westernmost part of Greece. You will find this a most enchanting place, densely covered in Olive groves and cypresses trees, whilst fringed by sandy beaches with shingle coves, complete with well equipped tavernas (restaurants),hotels and tourist facilities.

Corfu is one of the biggest Islands, and covers an area of which roughly converts to 40 miles long (60Km) and 20 miles (30 Km) across at the widest point. The average population is around 107,500 with the coldest months being January/February with an average temp of just 16c and the hottest months being July/August average temp of 28c.

Turn your attention inland towards Mount Pandokratoras (906 m high) which is the island's highest peak. Corfu is perhaps the best known of all the Greek Islands, it is very popular with the British, who flock there in their droves in the summer months to soak up the sun on fantastic beaches and to swim in the crystal clear warm sea, and by night enjoying a traditional Greek meal then maybe entertained by local Greek dancers or visiting one of the Islands discotheques or disco bars that have sprung up to cater for the tourist.

Most of the tourist development has taken place within approximately half to three quarters of an hour away from the Islands airport, leaving the north and south more rural whilst inland tourism has hardly had an impact and you will find many villages still carrying on in the old way of life, where the most common form of transport for the local farmers is still to this day the donkey. In amongst the olive and citrus groves you'll find unspoilt villages bearing all the hallmark's of the island?s past ranging from Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian. Corfu is by far the prettiest and greenest Island even in the hottest months of summer. Corfu also known as the Emerald Isle a name inspired by it's green fields that burst into an explosion of springtime colour, with meadows decorated with wild flowers and blossom of all kinds, the Islands landscape is covered with greenery more particularly Olive tree gnarled with age and twisted into weird and wonderful shapes, they cover approximately 35 miles (56Km) of the Island from north to south only interrupted by the odd cluster of cypresses.

The sent of oranges and lemons fills the air as they ripen in the sun, many other kinds of fruit trees grow here also including the prickly pear and Kumquats a small bitter / sweet tasting orange, not found anywhere else in Greece, these are preserved and eaten whole or soaked in syrup. Kumquats have been called "the little gems of the citrus family", and Local Corfiots seized on the opportunity, once they realized that the fruit could be fermented and distilled into liquors. There is a distillery on the main "Paleokastritsas road, you can take a tour (pre-arranged) which will include free tasting.

As well as liquors, kumquats are made into sweets and marmalades, you will find that many of the tourist shops in Corfu sell Kumquat products one of the more famous shops you will find is located next to the "Achillion Palace". Corfu has it's fair share of vineyards, more so to be found in the south which being more flat, has the most agriculture, the grapes are made into wine and you will find it is for private consumption and the harvest is one of the busiest times in the local calendar. The Islands capital or better known as Corfu Town is well worth visiting, the town itself is made up in two parts Old and New areas of the Town. Old town displays the elegant churches of various religions and the maze of cobbled streets with the old fortress that stands proudly looking over the town. New town holds an abundance of cosmopolitan shops ranging from gold to leather that can satisfy everyone's tastes and shopping demands.The Island in fact enjoys the best of several worlds, beautiful scenery, value for money restaurants and tavernas offering simple and straightforward local cooking, a wide range of accommodation from camp sites to clean simple village rooms to apartments, hotels and luxury villas. Corfu offers numerous beaches on its 136 miles (217Km) of coastline ideal for swimming and snorkelling in the warm crystal sea. The Corfiots themselves are straightforward, fun-loving friendly people with a charm that will affect you when you visit. Corfu has a special kind of magic that possess every visitor when they visit and draws them back time and time again!!!